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3 vital citizens of Phlan, who stand towards the tyrannical dragon that policies, find to flee and discover refuge across the Moonsea. Is it possible to extricate people who are vital to your factions just before it’s too late?

The party is travelling by way of a dark and lonely forest. Thunderheads loom within the sky and also the highway is lined with tombstones. As being the storm closes within the social gathering actions into a desolate graveyard and sees a woman made from wisps of blue smoke standing in their route…

On a distant island inside the fog-shrouded Moonsea, the ruins from the dwarven stronghold Dhun Malduhr sit by yourself and overlooked. Misplaced way back to some ancient plague, tales of ghost ships and fearsome monsters have retained the website no cost from prying eyes.

Flight from Fallston is usually a 2-hour Forgotten Realms™ experience for 0-amount figures. The adventure will take put in an area in between the Sword Coastline and Amn, close to the northern aspect of your Cloud Peaks, but you can transfer The journey to any mountainous location in Faerûn without problems.

Every so usually, a strange comet passes over Toril. Sages have made an effort to forecast when and the place it'll go. But Yerg’s Comet, very similar to the influence it has on Faerun magic, is unpredictable.

The loss of Skyreach Castle in Hoard with the Dragon Queen was A serious setback into the Cult from the Dragon, but nonetheless only a setback. The cult is set to retake the castle and claim Tiamat's lost treasure buried in its frozen partitions and cloudstuff vaults, but they don't seem to be the one types. Giants and creatures from the frozen wastes wish to assert that prosperity on their own!

During this adventure suitable Along with the fifth version of Dungeons & Dragons, a great, untouched metropolis has actually been identified deep underground—a town produced to honor a legendary dwarven clan.

This experience delivers a standard state of affairs. It will not assume that the players will observe any distinct training course of motion.

An mysterious drive is inciting the individuals and creatures of your idyllic Greenhall to dedicate horrific functions of murder and carnage. Can the adventurers quell the towering rage in the rampaging Horseman?

Undermountain. Extensive has the title been connected to danger, death, thriller, and treasure. Return once again to that grand dungeon beneath the teeming streets of Waterdeep! In this article you’ll find a background of Undermountain, a fundamental overview of its current amounts, common functions of its halls, and random experience and dungeon dressing tables.

A cost-free D&D 5e adventure for eleventh to 12th-stage characters from the globe click site of Farland, one of many oldest primary D&D marketing campaign settings on the net, and still escalating.

With the snows of Winter season receding, the scouts of Citadel Hoarfrost have spotted an unexplored cave nearby while in the Buried Vale. As their to start with assignment, a gaggle of youthful dwarven adventurers has been selected to journey for the vale and delve the latest discovery. But is their assignment all of that It appears, and what potential risks await them in the Buried Vale?

The party is recruited by an innkeeper to Recuperate a flower from a mansion that is located on a close-by island. The innkeeper dabbles in herbalism and his offer from the Midnight Violet is depleted. Unbeknownst towards the occasion, a demon was at the time summoned in the house by a young boy.

This experience is intended to have a 4 character get together of 1st stage adventurers to 2nd amount by the end. Also provides a tie in to Blood and Sand Part two: Echoes of the long run, coming quickly!

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